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Keep Ants Out of Your Phoenix, AZ, Property

In Phoenix, ants are a year-round problem due to the warmer weather, and infestations of these pesky insects tend to pick up in summertime as they search for new places to nest and reliable food sources. Proper ant control and prevention strategies for your property are essential for keeping ants at bay and ensuring your home or business doesn’t fall victim to the troubles that ants bring.

It’s important to note that ants are unhygienic, and these pests track bacteria and pathogens through the properties they invade. Ants infesting your kitchens, pantry, and food preparation areas easily lead to illness, and some individuals may even have allergic reactions due to ant saliva or itchy ant bites.

The best way to keep ants away from your property and avoid the health and safety dangers of these pests is to contact Uni-Tech Pest Control at the first sighting of ants around interior or exterior areas and get started on our effective pest control services in Phoenix.

Ant Control Services in Phoenix, AZ

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Ant control for Phoenix homeowners and business owners is essential if you want to defeat pesky ant invaders and ensure that your property is protected from the health and safety risks that these pests bring with them. Instead of relying on DIY ant control products and tactics, your best, most reliable option for defeating ants is contacting Uni-Tech Pest Control.

Our technicians at Uni-Tech Pest Control are highly trained and knowledgeable in a variety of pest control treatment and removal solutions. We pride ourselves on providing year-round education for our technicians and a stellar 24-year service record of providing the best pest control in the Phoenix area.

At Uni-Tech Pest Control, we have proven protocols for the most effective pest control results in addition to utilizing Integrated Pest Management methods that ensure once a pest problem is gone, it stays gone. We also offer a full guarantee for our services: if there is a problem, we will treat your property again at no charge and fix it, or you will get your money back.

Contact Uni-Tech Pest Control today to learn more about our ant control solutions and how we can help safeguard your Phoenix property from dangerous, troublesome ants.

Our Ant Control Process

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A detailed inspection of your property is the first step in defeating your ant problem. Our technicians take their time looking for signs of an infestation, including locating entry points around your property, nesting locations, food sources, and signs of destruction caused by ants. Often, our initial inspection and treatment of your ant problem can be completed on the same day.

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Our treatment plans are tailored to your property’s specific ant control needs, and we use a variety of reliable ant treatment products, such as granular baits like Advance 375A and Intice 10. We may also use gel baits such as Advion ant gel bait or Fuse treatment. Our technicians will determine which methods are the best to protect both your interior and exterior areas from ants.

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Exclusion is one of the best ways to ensure that an ant problem doesn’t return to your Phoenix property. After we have completed our initial inspection and provided treatment, we work with your property’s needs to identify any entrance points for ants and remove access to these areas. Without access to interior spaces and food sources, future ant infestations will be deterred.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ants

Is Uni-Tech Pest Control safe for pets?

The ant control solutions we utilize are safe for pets, and our technicians will educate you on our services and the treatment solutions we use ahead of time. If you have any concerns about the treatment plans we craft for your home, don’t hesitate to consult a member of our team.

How did I get ants?

Most of the time, ant problems occur when this pest slips inside in pursuit of food, moisture, or nesting spots. They may find pet food, food and drink spills, and pantry areas by invading cracks or gaps around your property. From there, the ant infestation gets worse until treatment and exclusion of the ants is received.

Do you offer follow-ups for ant control services?

The follow-ups we provide for ant control services are scheduled as normal services unless there is a problem encountered on your property between scheduled services. We re-treat at no charge as needed until an ant problem is eradicated, and our team will advise you on the best ant prevention tips you can put into action.

We Keep Your Phoenix, AZ, Property Safe

Get rid of ants the right way by trusting Uni-Tech Pest Control with all of your ant control and removal needs in Phoenix. We help identify the types of ants that might be running wild on your property and provide you with essential treatments that fully remove your infestation problems and ensure this pesky pest doesn’t return to your property.

Contact us for a free pest assessment today and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Phoenix.

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