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Located just east of Phoenix, Mesa, AZ, is the largest city in the United States that does not have a traditional 'downtown' area. Home to just over half a million residents, Mesa is a beautiful community filled with nature parks, fantastic local businesses, art and history, and great school systems. Many people move to the area for these reasons, and because of this, Maricopa County pest control is in high demand. Read on to learn how Uni-Tech Pest Control can help your Mesa home and business be pest-free today!

Residential Pest Control In Mesa

When people think about securing their homes from invasions, they typically think of security cameras and fencing. However, many forget that pests are also invaders and can cause just as much physical damage and harm to your health and safety as other types of intrusions. That's why Uni-Tech Pest Control offers complete residential pest control services for Mesa residents. When you partner with us for your pest control needs, your technician will complete: 

  • A thorough inspection.
  • A customized treatment designed specifically for your situation.
  • Education to help you implement effective prevention strategies.
  • Follow-up appointments to ensure the job is complete and done right the first time.

Our residential pest control methods have proven effective for over 30 years of service in the Mesa community. Our technicians are fully trained and always armed with the toughest tools available on the professional market. Coupled with outstanding, top-quality customer service, Uni-Tech Pest Control's programs offer year-round protection for your Mesa home. If you are struggling with pests, don't let them cause you any more strife; give us a call today!

Four Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Mesa Home

Ant pest control is essential for Mesa homeowners. While there are many different types of ants looking to invade your yard and home, there are some simple things everyone can do to help control the ant populations around you:

  1. The first step to effective ant control is to manage your yard. Organic debris such as logs, stumps, sticks, and leaf litter make great places to hide, so be sure to maintain your yard and clear it of these items regularly.
  2. Trim back trees and shrubs to keep these plants from brushing up against your house, which will help prevent fire ants from getting into your home. It will also be a way to keep these pests from avoiding the treatments that a professional from Uni-Tech Pest Control will spray.
  3. Rake back mulch to create what is called a 'dry zone' around your house, as fire ants are less likely to cross over these surfaces.
  4. Mow your lawn often, which will help make the place less appealing.

While these are all great management tips, the most effective way to keep ants away from your Mesa home is to have a professional from Uni-Tech Pest Control visit you. Our techs will assess the situation and tactically spray your yard, ensuring you can enjoy an ant-free space once again. Call us today!

What Mesa Property Owners Need To Know About Termites

Whether you own a business or a home in Mesa, it is important to understand the threat of termites. Termites are very difficult because they often go unnoticed until it is too late. Additionally, they are among the most difficult pests to exterminate. Below are three reasons why you should ask for professional assistance from a Uni-Tech Pest Control technician with the termites on your property:

  1. Termite eggs: Like almost all insects, the termite starts off as eggs. The queen typically lays these, which are small and white.
  2. Nymphs: After the termite eggs hatch, the larvae emerge, which are also called 'nymphs.' As they grow, they will molt, shedding their skin, and they develop into whatever form of adult their colony needs.
  3. Castes: A termite colony consists of castes; workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites. Scientists aren't sure how these roles get determined, but we do know that termites can continue to grow and change to fulfill whatever role is needed at the time.

Even if you managed to kill a handful of termites, there are always thousands more where that came from. Uni-Tech Pest Control technicians have the training to root out the entire colony, and using the toughest professional tools available, they can effectively eliminate termites. Don't let termites destroy your property; give us a call today!

How To Keep Bees Away From Your Mesa Property

While some bees are docile, others can deliver painful stings. Here are a few tips to keep them off of your property:

  • Consider what you plant. Bees are excellent pollinators and they are attracted primarily to blossoming flowers that are pink or purple in color. To try to deter them, opt for yellow and white flowers. You may also want to plant citronella and lavender, which may provide additional repellent support. 
  • Keep wood in good condition. Bees like carpenter bees will attack wood that’s unfinished or in poor shape. To avoid this, make sure that decks and porches are properly stained or painted. 
  • Clean up landscaping. To reduce the number of areas where bees could build their hives, keep all harborage sites trimmed back. 
  • Be mindful. When hosting outdoor gatherings, keep food items and garbage bins properly covered. You’ll also want to clean up spills in a timely fashion. 
  • Ask for help. The most effective way to keep bees away from your property is with bee prevention in Mesa from a trusted pest expert. 

For more information on bee control, call Uni-Tech Pest Control today.

The Problem With Rodents In Your Mesa Home

Though rodents might seem harmless at first, there are actually many hazards and complications that they can bring into your Mesa home. To start, rodent infestations are usually very difficult to prevent. Mice are rather small and nimble, so they can slip through any opening that they find. Rats, on the other hand, can scale rooflines and use sewer systems as a means of entering your home. Rodents are also very difficult to get rid of for a few reasons. They tend to live in places like crawl spaces that you can’t easily access, reproduce more than six times a year, and are nocturnal, so you rarely see them.

In addition to these factors, rodents can also bring health problems into your home. They are associated with health issues like salmonellosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rat-bite fever, hantavirus, and tularemia. Rodents leave behind urine, saliva, and droppings that all work to spread the pathogens that cause these risks. Additionally, rodents are common hosts for other pests like mites, , and ticks. These parasites are dangerous for both your well-being and your pets, as they can cause Lyme disease, tapeworm, and anemia.

Rodents are also known sources of property damage, which occurs from their incessant chewing. They do this to keep their front teeth from overgrowing, but it can lead to frayed electrical cords, ruined insulation, and holes in your walls. For more information on trusted rodent control, call Uni-Tech Pest Control today.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of  In Your Mesa Home

If you’ve discovered cockroaches in your home, that’s a good first step in getting rid of them. These pests are infamous for their tenacity and how difficult it is to eliminate them. Not only do cockroaches have hard exteriors that you can’t easily crush, but they also reproduce in high numbers and live in places that you can’t easily detect, so realizing the full extent of an infestation can be hard. There’s also the fact that the German cockroach has a developing immunity to many common cockroach control products. This combination of facts makes the most reliable form of cockroach elimination in Mesa professional treatments from Uni-Tech Pest Control.

Our company is uniquely qualified to address your cockroach concerns because we have over 24 years of experience and we follow the Integrated Pest Management approach. As a local operation, we have firsthand experience in dealing with the area’s cockroaches as well. We also include coverage for cockroaches as a standard part of our residential pest control process. Our approach entails a combination of highly effective products and education on the ways that you can further reduce cockroach attraction in the future. To learn more about our cockroach control services, call us today

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Commercial Pest Control In Mesa

As business owners, we know that things can come out of nowhere and throw a wrench in your operations. Sometimes, these come in the form of pest infestations, which can not only physically damage your property but also harm your customers, patrons, and your reputation. Maricopa County pest control needs are especially high because of the amount of Mesa businesses that have sprung up. At Uni-Tech Pest Control, we strive to provide you with the highest-quality commercial pest control services so that you can get back to running your business pest-free. We serve the following establishments:

  • Property management
  • Condominiums
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Homeowner associations
  • Hospitality

No matter what type of infestation you are experiencing, the many decades of combined pest control experience that our technicians have will quickly and efficiently defeat your infestation. Our commercial pest control services are as unique as your situation, and you can always count on receiving top-quality customer service that treats your problem with the urgency it deserves. If you are struggling with pests in your establishment, give us a call today!

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