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Pest Control In Goodyear, Arizona

As one of the top cities to live in Arizona, Goodyear has a lot to offer to those who work here or call this place home. Even better, Goodyear is still a growing city, so there are many opportunities for young professionals, families, and anyone who wants to give it a chance. 

While the area continues to progress and more people move here, it becomes more apparent that pests want to live here too. All sorts of insects and animals can make a home on your residential or commercial property. 

But with Uni-Tech Pest Control, you can obtain the Maricopa County pest control services you need to protect your home or business from nuisance and dangerous pests. 

Residential Pest Control In Goodyear

Many different pests can become a problem inside your home or on your property, making it difficult for you and your family to go about your daily activities. But, you don't have to deal with this any longer when working with Uni-Tech Pest Control.

With our residential pest control services, you can expect the following:

  • We'll start with an inspection by a highly trained technician who will look for entry points and areas where pests might be active. 
  • Using interior and exterior treatment methods, we will eliminate active pests from your home and apply a barrier to prevent new ones from getting inside. Treatments can include granular applications, powders, liquids, web removal, and exclusion work.
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly reoccurring services to provide total pest protection!

In addition to the coverage, our residential services provide ants, carpet beetles, centipedes, crickets, cockroaches (excluding German cockroaches), millipedes, scorpions, silverfish, and spiders; we also offer specialty treatments for termites, gophers, rodents, and bees.

Contact our team at Uni-Tech Pest Control for more information about any of the services we can provide you in Goodyear!

How Cockroaches In Your Goodyear Home Can Be Worse Than You Think

You likely already know that cockroaches in your home are bad news as these pests have a reputation that speaks for themselves. However, you might not realize just how bad a cockroach infestation can be.

These are two reasons why cockroaches in your home can be worse than you think:

  1. Cockroaches are notorious for spending time in places like sewers and dumpsters, where they can pick up dangerous diseases and bacteria. When they infest, they can spread these diseases and bacteria in your home and make you and your family sick. Diseases they can spread include leprosy, salmonellosis, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and more. 
  2. Having cockroaches in your home means there are conducive conditions attractive to them. Often, these conditions include available food sources, moisture, and entry points, which can attract other pests too! So you might not just be dealing with cockroaches in your home. Plus, moisture in a home can also lead to mold and fungus growth. 

You can get rid of cockroaches with the help of our experts at Uni-Tech Pest Control. Our residential pest control services offer protection from our area's most common cockroach species, so call us today to learn about this process and how to get started. 

Now Is The Time To Be Thinking About Termites & Your Goodyear Property

As a wood-destroying pest, termites can severely damage Goodyear properties. Because of this, now is the best time to think about termites and how they can affect you. 

Termites are active year-round, so contacting pest control professionals is never too early. Whether you are concerned about an active termite infestation or want to prevent one from happening, Uni-Tech Pest Control can help you with termite control. Our services include an inspection to identify termites and their entry points and treat the interior and exterior, including requested areas. Call us at Uni-Tech Pest Control to find out how you can start with our termite services. With 24 years in the pest control industry, we'll know the solution to your pest problem. 

How To Keep Your Goodyear Property Protected From Gophers And Rodents

As a concerned property owner, you want to maintain a secure, attractive building and the surrounding grounds. Gophers and rodents can threaten the beauty and health of your yard and lead to various problems for your household. The best way to deter these critters from invading and causing chaos is with ongoing pest control services. A technician can inspect your property for signs of gophers and rodents, apply effective solutions, and pinpoint attractants.

Homeowners should regularly cut grass low, tend to gardens, and trim excess foliage. Gophers love weeds, tunneling in yards, and digging up your turf to hunt for roots and vegetation to eat.

Rodents will enter your home for a warm place to live, raise offspring, find food, and hide from predators. Mice and rats are likely to come to your property if there are debris piles, garbage, or issues with standing water. Because rodents may spread germs and parasites, you need rodent control in Goodyear to eliminate them from your property.

Remove elements that attract gophers and rodents and reduce the chance of hosting an infestation. Create barriers to make your property less inviting to pests by doing the following:

  • Try putting down mothballs, castor oil, coffee grounds, or hot sauce near tunnels, which may repel gophers because of the strong odor.
  • Remove debris piles, cut grass short, and improve drainage.
  • Repair or replace structural elements of your home and the exterior with signs of decay, fungi, moisture damage, holes, or cracks.
  • Have professionals regularly inspect and treat your home and yard.

Make gophers and rodents reconsider invading your property and harming your landscape with our specialty services in Goodyear from Uni-Tech Pest Control.

Why Goodyear Residents Shouldn't Try To Eliminate Bees On Their Own

Pollinating insects like bees benefit the ecosystem but can prove a harmful presence on your property. These insects may sting people if they feel threatened, leading to allergic reactions, swelling, pain, and irritation. If a bee colony is on your property within a wall void, under the eaves, or within an old tree, it's better to call the pros for help. A pest control company is better equipped to remove bees safely and reduce your chances of an adverse interaction.

The Africanized honey bee is of particular concern for residents because it is an aggressive insect. Because bees might leave painful stings if you try to remove their nest or they feel threatened, have Uni-Tech Pest Control assist with bee control services and removal.

Find ways to naturally deter bees from your property and have a technician apply products to prevent future colonies from settling. Have professionals inspect your dwelling around the eaves, the roof, and holes around plumbing and the gutter for nests. Seal off openings, add covers, and make repairs to reduce hiding places for insects to build a home.

Contact Uni-Tech Pest Control to safely remove bees on your property and apply solutions to keep them from coming back.

How To Stop Ants From Getting Into Your Goodyear Home

Ants will enter your home through small crevices and crannies around entrances and the exterior of your home at any time. Applying exclusion methods to entry points where ants travel back and forth is critical. These insects will invade in search of sweets, protein, garbage, and places to build a colony. Homeowners should learn what attractants make ants feel comfortable and remove them.

Uni-Tech Pest Control provides ant control treatments that stop infestations and prevent future visits. These insects are challenging because they can squeeze through dark, narrow spaces and work in large numbers to survive.

If ants frequently invade your property, you must take action. Try these ideas to thwart these insects:

  • Try growing plants that naturally repel ants around the exterior of your property.
  • Use vinegar to clean hard surfaces and apply it around baseboards and crevices.
  • Remove food sources by regularly throwing out garbage, washing dishes, and clearing drains of debris.
  • Seal entry points with caulk, plug holes, and apply barriers.

Put an end to ants raiding your kitchen or hiding in your bathroom or laundry. Close off access to openings and schedule ongoing ant control treatments and general pest control services.

Deter unwanted visits from ants and contact Uni-Tech Pest Control to take care of these pests once and for all.

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Commercial Pest  In Goodyear

Keeping pests out of your commercial facility is not only necessary but essential. Many pests can spread diseases and cause other health concerns, but even nuisance pests can cause harm to your businesses by tarnishing your reputation.

Uni-Tech Pest Control can offer your Goodyear business the pest control and prevention you need to keep people safe and your reputation intact. 

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and seasonally adjust our treatments and methods to target the most active pests for the most effective results. Depending on pest pressures and needs, we can service your property monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. 

Get started with the commercial pest control services you need to protect your business from dangerous pests by calling us at Uni-Tech Pest Control. 

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