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As the home of Midwestern University and historic attractions like Sahuaro Ranch Park, Glendale is one of Arizona’s largest cities. While the vibrant city sees no shortage of population growth, that also means there is no shortage of pest problems in Glendale either. 

Uni-Tech Pest Control provides quality Maricopa County pest control and is committed to serving the city. Here’s what you should know about our residential and commercial pest control programs, how to tell if you have a spider infestation, and how to keep scorpions away. 

Residential Pest Control In Glendale

Your Glendale home is susceptible to several common pests, including rodents, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, and much more. Most DIY home pest control isn’t very effective, but fortunately, that’s where residential pest control can come in handy. 

At Uni-Tech Pest Control, our residential pest control program is meant to be customized for each individual home and infestation, but all of our programs follow the same basic protocols: 

  • Once you’ve talked with your technician about your concerns, we’ll do a thorough inspection of the property to look for harborage zones, entry points, and nesting areas.
  • After the inspection is complete, we’ll come up with an individualized treatment plan for your home to address current pest issues as well as seal off entry points.
  • Depending on your needs, we can return for monthly, quarterly, or annual visits.

Regardless of what pest is plaguing you, Uni-Tech Pest Control can protect your home and everyone in it from the dangers pests can bring.

How Glendale Residents Can Tell If They Have A Spider Infestation

It’s not unusual to find the occasional spider in your home, but things can spiral out of control if you’ve got an infestation. Here are some of the signs that you’ve got an actual spider infestation on your hands: 

  • Webs: One spiderweb may not be too concerning, but if you’re noticing multiple webs around your house, there’s a good chance you’ve got more than one spider taking up residence in your house. 
  • Other insects: Spiders don’t come inside because they’re seeking warmth or trying to eat your leftovers, but they will follow other pests and insects in. If there’s an abundance of insects or you’ve got another pest problem in your home, it’s not unusual to find spiders too. 
  • Excess spiders: Perhaps the most obvious sign of a spider infestation is excess spiders. Finding spiders in your home all the time isn’t normal and it can mean you’ve got an infestation. 
  • Egg sacs: Spiders can lay up to hundreds of eggs, and it’s possible for you to spot these silk-wrapped sacs around your home. Egg sacs mean baby spiders are incoming, so you may want to contact a pest management professional quickly.

Call Uni-Tech Pest Control today for spider control services to restore your peace of mind.

Six Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Glendale Property

Scorpions are crafty pests, and they’ll take any opportunity they can to get inside your home. If they’re hanging around your property, it’s not uncommon to find scorpions burrowing in holes, foliage, or under rocks. Gardens are another popular spot because dense bushes and large stones give scorpions an abundance of hiding spots. 

Scorpions also don’t mind taking up residence in firewood stacks or hiding under yard debris until they find somewhere better. Here are some prevention tips to reduce possible scorpion attractions around your home or property: 

  • Keep bushes trimmed, and don’t allow foliage to build up or become too dense.
  • Get rid of any loose objects in your yard, including toys, furniture, or other debris.
  • Keep your potted plants off the ground.
  • Make sure any yard debris that you may have is as far away from your actual home as possible. Keep firewood stacks far away from your home.
  • Eliminate areas with standing water, and fix any water leaks in a timely manner since moisture can attract scorpions. 
  • Be sure to seal common entry points that scorpions may use for getting inside.

It’s especially crucial to address any moisture problems that your home may have. Leaky sprinkler systems or pipes are a big attraction for a lot of pests, but especially for scorpions. If you notice any of the signs of scorpions, spiders, or other pests around your Glendale property, give us a call at Uni-Tech Pest Control to schedule an appointment

How To Tell If Gophers Are In Your Glendale Yard

If you are dealing with a pest like ants or beetles, having just one or two around your Glendale yard isn't a big issue. Unfortunately, this isn't the case when it comes to gophers. All it takes is one or two gophers in your yard to cause massive destruction. Not only that, but gophers can also spread various dangerous diseases and introduce other pests like fleas and ticks.

Because gophers are solitary animals that live in underground burrows and typically come out at night, they can be hard to find and identify as the problem pest in your yard. If you suspect a gopher in your yard, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Long mounds of excess soil visible on the surface of your lawn
  • Bare patches in your yard
  • Dirt mounds
  • Chewed-up roots and tubers
  • Damage to your grass or garden

Any of these signs could indicate a gopher is living in your backyard. 

Call us if you see signs of gophers or other rodents. Our rodent-trapping program will quickly and safely remove problem gophers from your yard, protecting it from damage and your family from the dangerous health problems these pests can cause. 

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Glendale Yard

When you think of bees, you first think of either honey or a painful sting. However, you may not realize that bees are essential to the ecosystem, serving as one of nature's most prolific pollinators. But whether they are good for the environment or not, you don't want them hanging around your yard. 

The biggest problem with bees is their sting. A bee sting is, at best, a painful nuisance that leaves you with an itchy, burning red welt. For those that are allergic, a bee sting can quickly become a medical emergency due to anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock can cause your throat to swell, making breathing difficult, and can be life-threatening without treatment. The other issue with bees is the presence of the Africanized honey bee in our area. These bees are an invasive species that is aggressive and dangerous. 

Bee removal is difficult and potentially dangerous to try on your own. It can be tough to tell the difference between a native honey bee and an Africanized honey bee. We don't want to kill native bees because of their value to the environment, so we safely relocate them to areas where they can still benefit the ecosystem. If we identify Africanized honey bees as part of our bee control inspection, we will eradicate them quickly. 

Is Termite Damage A Big Deal For Glendale Homeowners?

You may see a tiny termite and think that that little pest can't possibly do that much damage. But termites earned their nickname, "the Silent Destroyers," for a reason. Every year, termites inflict over five billion dollars in damages to homes across the United States. The average individual bill for termite repair is well into the thousands. The worst part is termite damage is usually not covered by homeowners' insurance. 

To protect your home from these expensive and destructive pests, call us today for professional termite control. Our termite control experts have various treatment options at their disposal, so they can use the one that best fits your needs. 

Keep termites away from your home and your budget with help from the termite control experts at Uni-Tech Pest Control. We'll ensure your home remains termite free, so you can have one less thing to worry about. 


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Commercial Pest Control In Glendale

While we can address existing pest issues in your commercial property, we also offer preventive measures for commercial buildings. With weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual treatments, we can stop pest infestations before they start to put your business at risk. Some of the most common commercial properties we serve include: 

  • Multi-family housing units
  • Offices
  • Condominiums
  • Retail
  • Hospitality businesses (hotels, motels, etc.)
  • Homeowner associations

 Don't run the risk of lost business, health concerns, or damage to your business's reputation. Call Uni-Tech Pest Control for effective commercial pest control.

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