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Paradise Valley is a charming and well-manicured neighborhood in Maricopa County, Arizona. While we enjoy our proximity to nature preserves and parks, being a suburban environment right next to nature spaces puts Paradise Valley property owners at a high risk of pest populations. 

Pests are drawn to homes and businesses because of the resources our properties provide, which is why effective pest control in Paradise Valley is a smart investment. At Uni-Tech Pest Control we help local property owners eliminate pests and avoid them in the future. Contact us today to learn how we can implement proven pest control for you.

Residential Pest Control In Paradise Valley

Protecting homes from the property damage and health impacts that pests cause is a responsibility Uni-Tech Pest Control takes seriously. We know how tough it can be to completely avoid pest infestations because the factors that draw pests in are found in every home. That’s why we tailor our services to each homeowner’s needs and work to be proactive with pest problems rather than just removing ones that have already formed. 

Our main service is our Total Pest Protection package, which aims to prevent infestations from forming rather than needing to react to problems as they arise. To accomplish this, we apply seasonal treatments that act as a shield around your entire property. The total protection package is designed to address the risk of cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets, scorpions, and many more pests. 

Here are some of the other benefits of our proven home pest control in Paradise Valley, and why countless homeowners have turned to Uni-Tech Pest Control: 

  • Integrated Pest Management: IPM for short, this method means we use a range of approaches to address a wide range of pests. 
  • Green solutions available: We believe in reducing the use of chemicals and utilizing all-natural solutions when possible. 
  • Frequent services: We can bump our coverage up to monthly or bi-monthly depending on your property and the pest problems you’re experiencing. 

To keep pests away in Paradise Valley, Arizona, call on Uni-Tech Pest Control right away.

Damages Rodents And Gophers Can Cause To Paradise Valley Homes

Did you know rodents are considered some of the most destructive pests around? While people tend to worry more about termites, rodents are more common and more directly harmful to your property. 

All rodents have front incisors that never stop growing, meaning they file their teeth down by biting incessantly on everything they can fit into their maws. When they invade homes, this leads to marks and holes in household items. But this is just one rodent behavior that causes property damage. All kinds of rodents can burrow through your home and your yard. Rodents like gophers can specifically form tunnels and mounds throughout your lawn.

At Uni-Tech Pest Control, our technicians are trained in how to inspect and address all kinds of rodent infestations, with solutions that drive them off and don’t harm your property. What’s better than getting rodent problems eliminated? Avoiding them in the first place! Uni-Tech Pest Control has you covered there, too. We provide exclusion services that keep rodents from invading in the first place, so contact us today to learn about the rodent control we provide near you.

Signs Of Cricket Infestations In Paradise Valley

Even Paradise Valley's most upscale properties might occasionally face the challenges of a cricket infestation. You have the best chance of eliminating one when you spot signs of an issue early on.

One typical clue is an increase in chirping sounds in the evening. Male crickets produce distinct sounds to attract females, creating an increasingly more prominent chorus as the population grows.

Damaged vegetation can also signal a cricket problem. Crickets are voracious herbivores. They feed on various plants, including your lawn or ornamental plants. If they display sudden signs of chewing, it could indicate a burgeoning cricket infestation.

Also, if you spot molted exoskeletons, it is a clear sign of crickets. As they grow, they shed their exoskeletons and leave remnants that will appear in increasing numbers in and around your home.

Finally, seeing live crickets on your property means these pests are taking over. They often seek shelter in our homes during poor weather conditions. Call Uni-Tech Pest Control to discover how to remove these noisy invaders and keep them at bay with proactive strategies.

The Dangers of Ignoring Termite Damage In Paradise Valley

Of all the pests that can take over inconspicuously, termites are some of the worst. Ignoring signs of damage can lead to severe consequences and jeopardize your property and safety.

Termite infestations usually go unnoticed, sometimes for years. By then, they've often done significant damage. Promptly addressing a termite issue is paramount.

Structural damage is a significant concern with these destructive invaders. Termites feed on wood and cellulose, which includes your foundations and support beams. Over time, their round-the-clock activity will weaken these structures and initiate costly repairs.

Repairing late-stage structural damage from termites can be exorbitant and even decrease your property value. Insurance companies may not always cover it, placing a substantial financial burden on your shoulders.

Also, termites could cause mold growth. As they devour your property, moisture will often accumulate. It will create an environment conducive to fungus and mold, which pose many health risks.

In addition, termite infestations spread rapidly. Neglecting early signs will allow colonies to expand and make eradication more challenging. We can provide timely intervention to prevent this issue.

Call Uni-Tech Pest Control today to schedule a termite inspection in Paradise Valley and keep your home safe from wood-destroying pests year-round.

Paradise Valley's Guide To Preventing Future Spider Problems

Preventing spider problems is a lot more cost-effective than eliminating established infestations.

Here are some simple yet effective measures you can try:

Eliminate potential food sources. Regularly clean and declutter your home to remove insects that spiders feed on. Proper food storage will also make your home less appealing to these arachnids.

Limit outdoor lights. Insects go for light sources, and where there are insects, spiders will follow. Yellow or sodium vapor bulbs are less attractive and might reduce spider activity around your home.

Repair entry points. This step is crucial in keeping spiders at bay. Seal all visible cracks in the foundation and gaps around entryways to prevent pests from infiltrating.

Address moisture issues. Spiders favor damp environments, like homes with active leaks or high humidity levels. Keeping your home dry is a natural deterrent. We recommend focusing on proper ventilation in your basement and attic, using dehumidifiers if necessary, and fixing leaks.

Home maintenance is vital to reducing the likelihood of future spider problems significantly. But if these steps are already part of your routine and spiders can still come in, it's time to reach out to the pros. Call the Uni-Tech Pest Control spider exterminators today to keep these arachnids out where they belong.

The Best Scorpion Control Solution For Your Paradise Valley Home

Scorpions are arachnids, like spiders. They are common in Arizona. Uni-Tech Pest Control can keep them away with various strategic approaches.

First, we will examine your home inside and out to spot their habitats and entry points. This critical inspection will enable us to devise a treatment plan that matches the severity of your infestation and meets your requirements.

During the summer, we use Onslaught. It is a powerful insecticide that targets scorpions and other pests. Its residual effect provides long-lasting protection. In the winter, we typically switch to Demand CS. This product continues to be effective in cooler temperatures. We apply both products strategically based on scorpion activity patterns and weather conditions.

Integrated Pest Management techniques are also integral to our approach. We provide a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods to address the root causes of your scorpion infestation. For example, a central part of our scorpion removal process is targeting factors like entry points and environmental conditions.

In addition to liquid treatments, we may also use D-Fense or Drione dust for specific areas. They offer an additional layer of protection, especially in hard-to-reach spaces where scorpions may hide. Finally, we provide regular follow-ups to ensure sustainable results throughout the seasons. 

Call Uni-Tech Pest Control today to learn more and get started.

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Commercial Pest Control In Paradise Valley

Commercial properties tend to have an even higher risk of pests than residential ones do. Given the extra activity that goes on at local businesses, there are even more factors that attract pests thanks to the byproducts of human civilization. 

This is why local businesses need to get started on commercial pest control in Paradise Valley early on, not just once pests have begun causing problems. Here are some of the kinds of businesses that Uni-Tech Pest Control has helped with their risk of infestation: 

  • Hospitality: Restaurants and hotels alike make up the hospitality industry and both are at serious risk of pests thanks to all the food, furniture, and storage areas that are found on these properties. 
  • Property management: Apartment complexes and homeowners associations are essentially large clusters of homes, meaning they have a much higher risk of attracting pests than individual residential lots.   
  • Retail: Grocery stores and even retail spaces that don’t sell food can wind up with pests that damage goods and lead to a loss of business. 

Protect your Paradise Valley business from the effects of pests by turning to Uni-Tech Pest Control today.

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