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Specialty Pest Control For Your Phoenix Home Or Business

When you own a home or run a business, there are a number of things that can go wrong; thankfully, we have the solution to one of those problems! Here at Uni-Tech Pest Control, we offer reliable treatment options for several of our area’s toughest pests, such as gophers, rodents, bees, and wasps.

Each of our specialty pest control programs follows a unique process guaranteed to resolve your property’s unique pest problem. Regardless of the nature of your infestation, we can guarantee, “Your bugs won’t love us, but you will!”

Our Phoenix, AZ Pest-Specific Service Options

At Uni-Tech Pest Control, we offer expert services for a variety of common Phoenix-area pest invaders:

Gopher & Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice, rats, and gophers are responsible for causing massive destruction to structures and yards all across our area. Our rodent control starts with a thorough inspection of the property to identify entry points and to determine the species of the rodent. Once the inspection has been completed, Unitech will provide you with a treatment recommendation. The most common rodents in the valley are roof rats, pack rats, field mice, and house mice.

Rodents are known not only for the destruction they cause but also for spreading deadly diseases and parasites such as hantavirus and murine typhus. For this reason, you should always leave rodent control to a trained pest professional in your area.

Bee and Wasp Control

Our local pest professionals are highly knowledgeable in detecting, controlling, and preventing bees and wasps. At the first sign of stinging insect activity, contact Uni-Tech Pest Control for a prompt, expert assessment of your pest problem.

Expert Services For Pests Of All Kinds

When the pests come around, it’s difficult to think about anything else. Living with a pest infestation creates numerous problems and disturbs the peace in your home or business. In order to protect your property and those who frequent it, contact the Phoenix pest experts at Uni-Tech Pest Control. Learn more about our Phoenix, AZ home pest control and commercial pest control programs today!


  • Inspection

    The first step in our home pest control process is a detailed inspection of your property. Our technicians will look for any signs of an infestation, including entry points, breeding grounds, and food sources.

  • Treatment

    After the inspection is complete, our technicians will begin the treatment process. We use a variety of methods and products to address your specific pest problem, including interior and exterior treatments.

  • Education

    Throughout your treatment, technicians from Uni-Tech Pest Control will educate you on the best ways to protect your home from future infestations. We believe that education is the key to successful pest control, and we want to ensure that you can keep your home pest-free in the long term.

  • Follow Up

    Once the treatment is complete, our technicians will perform a follow-up inspection once a year to complete a check for termites. All activity found would be treated under the warranty. After every pest control service, you can count on us to protect your home from nuisance and destructive insects and rodents all year long.


Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 602-962-8935 today!

  • What preventive measures can I take to avoid future rodent issues?

    Prevention is always better than cure. Regularly inspecting your home for potential entry points, keeping food sealed, and ensuring your property is free from debris can help prevent a rodent infestation. Additionally, scheduling periodic inspections with Uni-Tech Pest Control can be beneficial. We can provide expert guidance and spot potential issues before they escalate.

  • Can you explain more about the exclusion work you offer?

    Absolutely! Exclusion work prevents future rodent invasions by sealing potential entry points. After our thorough inspection, we identify gaps, holes, or other vulnerabilities in your home's structure. Our team then takes measures to seal these points using high-quality materials designed to stand up to rodent attempts at re-entry. Sometimes, if there's a need for more extensive structural work, we might recommend bringing in a handyman. In essence, exclusion ensures your home remains fortified against any future unwanted furry guests.

  • How did I end up with a rodent problem in my home?

    Rodents are incredibly resourceful creatures. They can squeeze through minuscule gaps or holes in your home's foundation, walls, or roof. Over time, regular wear and tear on a home can create these tiny entry points. Our job during inspections is to not only treat the current infestation but also to identify and advise on these potential entry points to prevent future invasions.

  • Does scorpion control have a guarantee?

    We guarantee all of our pest control solutions, and if you experience a problem after treatment has been provided, we’ll come back and treat your scorpion issue again at no charge, or your money back. We pride ourselves on leaving properties pest-free and protected.

  • Are scorpions a year-round problem?

    In Phoenix, scorpion season runs from approximately March to October. And while these are the months that a group of scorpions may be most active, scorpions are a year-round problem in the area thanks to environmental conditions. These factors make proper scorpion control essential.

  • Which types of scorpions do you treat?

    We treat all types of scorpions, but our most common treatments involve bark scorpions. Our technicians take their time helping you understand all about scorpions and our treatment solutions, so your worries about removing this pest are put to rest.

  • How can I prevent future infestations?

    Cockroach prevention plays an essential role in controlling roach infestations. Regular home inspections and maintaining cleanliness, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, are foundational steps. It's good practice to store food in sealed containers and address water leaks in a timely manner. Minimizing conditions favorable to roaches can help deter them. Moreover, our technicians can provide you with straightforward advice and practical measures that are suited to your home's specific environment and conditions.

  • How did I even get these German roaches?

    German roaches often find subtle ways into homes. Common pathways include items like grocery bags, cardboard boxes, or even used appliances you might bring into your space. Given their small size, they can easily slip into unnoticed areas, and before you know it, they establish a presence. Consistent preventive measures, like inspecting items before bringing them inside, can help in reducing such surprises.

  • How soon can I expect the roaches to be gone after treatment?

    After treating for American and oriental roaches, most homeowners notice a significant reduction in their numbers soon after our visit. The treatments we use for these roaches are designed to act quickly. However, when it comes to German cockroach pest control, a bit more patience is required. They may necessitate several treatments due to their resilient nature and habits. Our team works diligently to ensure thoroughness, making sure every corner is addressed to ensure a roach-free home.

  • How can I get rid of spiders?

    You can reduce the spiders on your property by preventing the prey pests that attract them. To do this, remove potential food sources such as crumbs, garbage, and open food containers, limit outdoor lights, identify and repair entry points such as cracks in the foundation and damaged screens, and address moisture issues.

    If you want a useful spider prevention guide, reach out to our team of experts at Uni-Tech Pest Control.

  • Are spiders dangerous?
    Although all spiders have fangs and venom, there are only two dangerous species in the United States, the black widow and brown recluse. We do not have brown recluse spiders in Arizona, so only black widows are a concern for residents. A bite from a black widow is rarely fatal but should always be treated by a medical professional, especially a child.
  • What types of spiders are commonly found in Phoenix?

    Common spiders species in our area include:

    • Black Widow

    • Arizona

    • Tarantula

    • Daddy Long Legs

    • Wolf

    • Jumping

    • Funnel-Web

  • How can I get rid of scorpions?
    You can keep scorpions away from your home by turning off exterior lights at night, decluttering your yard and removing debris, repairing any damaged screens, inspecting weatherstripping and door sweeps, and sealing cracks in the foundation. If you are experiencing a high number of scorpions on your property, you should give us a call at Uni-Tech Pest Control. Reach out to us for more information about our home pest control and commercial pest control services today!
  • Are scorpions dangerous?

    The bark scorpion is the only dangerous species in North America. A sting from one of these scorpions can cause swelling, numbness, and tingling. While most stings from these pests are not fatal, young children are more at risk of a severe reaction. It is always best to seek medical attention when dealing with scorpions, especially if you are unsure if you are allergic to their venom.

  • What types of scorpions are commonly found in Phoenix?
    • Bark - Tan with a darker color on the back, up to 2 1/2 inches long

    • Giant Hairy - Usually yellow with a dark color on top, 5 ½ inches long

    • Stripetail - Light tan to brown, 2 to 3 inches long

  • How can I get rid of crickets?
    If you want to avoid dealing with crickets, you can limit the use of outdoor lights at night, repair any entry points such as gaps around windows and doors, and address any moisture issues such as leaking pipes and poor ventilation. Reach out to our team at Uni-Tech Pest Control to learn more about crickets and how we can help.
  • Are crickets dangerous?

    For the most part, crickets are nuisance pests because they don’t pose any health concerns. However, they feed on linen, wool, fur, cotton, and silk. But it would take a large number of crickets feeding to cause damage. In any case, their chirping might be enough to cause you to lose sleep at night.

  • What types of crickets are commonly found in Phoenix?

    The types of crickets found in our area include:

    • House - Yellowish-brown with three dark stripes on the head, 1 inch long or less

    • Tropical House - Yellowish tan with two black bands, 3/4 to 1-inch long

    • Field - Primarily black, but can have some brown variations; 1/2 to 1-inch long

  • How can I get rid of cockroaches?

    Conventional pesticides are ineffective against these pests, so getting rid of them is no easy task. To avoid an infestation of cockroaches, you should eliminate the conducive conditions that might attract them. These repairs should include fixing leaks and reducing moisture buildup, keeping food stored properly and cleaning up any food debris, repairing cracks and holes in the exterior of your house, and keeping your home organized and decluttered.

    If you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches in your Phoenix home you should call us at Uni-Tech Pest Control right away to help you remove them quickly.

  • What types of cockroaches are commonly found in Phoenix?

    Three types of cockroaches in our area are:

    • American - Reddish-brown with a yellowish figure-eight pattern behind the head, 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long

    • Oriental - Shiny black, 1 inch long

    • Brown-banded - Light brown with two dark brown bands around the wings and abdomen, 1/2 an inch long

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