Effective Rodent Control Solutions For Phoenix Homeowners

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For centuries, rodents have been causing a plethora of problems for homeowners all over the world. When one of these little creatures finds its way into your home, it destroys everything in its path and could put you and your family’s health at risk. 

If you are looking for easy and effective rodent control solutions for your Phoenix home, Uni-Tech Pest Control can help you. We have been providing rodent control near you for over 30 years and know the latest and most effective strategies to help ensure rodents stay away from your home. 

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Rodent Problem

Mice and rats are elusive creatures that know how to stay out of sight. They can use their sharp claws to climb up walls and wires and can fit through a variety of tight spaces much smaller than their bodies. If you have a rodent infestation in your home, you might not see them crawling through your home, but you are likely to hear them and see clues left around your house. 

Rodents don’t have great eyesight. When running to their destination, they usually run alongside a wall or solid surface. Over time, their greasy and dirty bodies will leave dark rub marks on your baseboards and walls. 

They also like to nest and travel in the spaces between your walls or above your ceiling and will often chew holes in your walls or ceiling to gain access to these hard-to-reach places. If you are finding gnaw marks around your home or holes chewed through the walls or any other object in your home, you should call a rodent exterminator as soon as possible. 

Rodent Dangers: Health Risks And Property Damage

As previously discussed, rodents can chew through various durable and hard surfaces. Not only can their chewing habits cause extensive damage to your home, but our residential rodent control experts have also seen these pests chew on electrical wires, which can potentially cause a fire. 

Rodents can put you in danger in more ways than one. These little creatures carry many diseases and are known to spread dangerous illnesses, such as:

  • Leptospirosis

  • Salmonellosis

  • Rat-bite fever

  • Hantavirus

  • Tularemia

  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis

Rodents can be extremely dangerous. If you see a rodent in your home, you should never try touching or getting too close to it. Instead, contact a local rodent control expert right away and let them take care of the troublesome pest. 

Why DIY Rodent Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Many DIY rodent control methods only offer one solution for many problems. When dealing with a rodent infestation, you cannot come up with a one-size-fits-all solution. If you do, you are likely only to eliminate a few rodents, leaving many unharmed and able to continue to wreak havoc on your home. 

When you team with a professional rodent extermination company, you can rest assured that we will handle the problem safely and effectively. At Uni-Tech Pest Control, we do more than just simply eliminate the rodents; we work diligently to find the root cause of the problem. This not only allows our technicians to devise an effective elimination plan, but it also prevents rodents from returning in the future. 

Choosing The Right Rodent Control: Contact Us To Learn More

A rodent infestation should be dealt with promptly to minimize the damage. When you call our professionals at Uni-Tech Pest Control, our rodent exterminators in Phoenix will waste no time inspecting your home and devising an effective plan customized to fit your unique situation. 

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