How To Control Scorpions On Your Phoenix Property

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Scorpions are easily the most dangerous pests you can find in the Phoenix area. Not only do these arachnids carry extremely potent venom, but some are medically significant to humans and can even send you to the hospital.

Despite the widespread range of scorpions in Phoenix, you have a few options for avoiding their activities. This guide explains how you can control scorpions around your property and protect your loved ones from venomous stings.

Already have a scorpion infestation? We also explain how Uni-Tech Pest Control can help with scorpion control in Phoenix.

How To Identify Common Types Of Scorpions In Phoenix

Identification is the most important step in spotting and stopping a scorpion infestation. You should familiarize yourself with the three most common species: the Southern devil scorpion, the giant hairy scorpion, and the Arizona bark scorpion.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of scorpions in Phoenix:

  • Southern devil scorpion: These eight-legged arachnids have two massive pincers (called pedipalps) used to grab prey. They are roughly 1.5 to 3.14 inches long at adulthood and appear in dark brown or tan color patterns.

  • Giant hairy scorpion: True to their name, giant hairy scorpions measure more than seven inches long at adulthood. Their bodies are covered with tiny bristles so they can detect the vibrations of prey in the soil. 

  • Arizona bark scorpion: This is by far the most dangerous scorpion species in America. Not only is their venom extremely painful, but it could also result in a hospital visit.

If you think or know you see one of these species crawling around your Phoenix home, you can get in touch with Uni-Tech Pest Control to discuss removal methods. Remember: the longer you wait to remove scorpions from your property, the greater your risks for a sting may become.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions?

As mentioned earlier, all species of scorpions carry some sort of venom in their tails (called the metasoma). This allows them to hunt down prey much larger or stronger than themselves, including lizards, spiders, and even birds.

The venom of a scorpion is bound to be painful, no matter what species you encounter. But you’re not likely to experience any negative effects beyond swelling, redness, and temporary muscle pain from most scorpions. 

The dangers of scorpions are much more significant for both children and allergic individuals. Small children under five are the most susceptible.

If you don’t want scorpions roaming around your home, you need to protect your property from the inside out. Let’s look at a few scorpion prevention steps to keep your loved ones safe.

Helpful Tips To Prevent Scorpions Around Your Home

If you don’t yet have scorpions in Phoenix, Arizona, you can rely on a few scorpion prevention steps to protect your family.

We recommend:

  • Controlling pest prey species around your yard, including roaches, ants, beetles, and spiders.

  • Removing brush, weeds, sticks, and other detritus to remove habitat zones for hungry scorpions.

  • Sealing cracks and gaps around the home so scorpions can’t get inside.

Again, these are scorpion prevention steps only – they’re not designed to address active infestations. Scorpions on your property require professional treatments, including those from the team at Uni-Tech Pest Control.

Professional Scorpion Control: The Safe And Effective Solution

Scorpion control services in Phoenix from Uni-Tech Pest Control are the best way to get peace of mind for your loved ones. Not only do we offer an airtight treatment program, but we ensure your satisfaction with a pest control guarantee. You can rely on us to use Integrated Pest Management methodology to limit your impact on the surrounding environment.

Get scorpion removal from Uni-Tech Pest Control by calling our office today.

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