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A suburb of Phoenix, El Mirage is a short drive from several professional sports teams, entertainment venues, and world-class golf courses. The city features two community parks for people to enjoy and several local establishments. Once a small agricultural town, El Mirage is now a diverse community in the Greater Phoenix area.

Some people might assume that the desert environment protects them from pests. We might not experience the same problems as those in tropical climates, but local animals still find refuge in buildings. These intruders can damage your structure and spread illnesses, potentially endangering your home or business. Fortunately, El Mirage, AZ, pest control experts can keep them away.

Uni-Tech Pest Control has protected the Phoenix area from pests for 35 years. We know the concerns that threaten the safety of buildings and how to prevent them.

Residential Pest Control In El Mirage

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Pest infestations are disturbing occurrences for El Mirage homeowners. Food and water sources attract them, and they hide during daylight hours to avoid detection. They can spread damage and pathogens while you sleep, resulting in expensive repairs and illnesses.

Professional home pest control in El Mirage, AZ, can solve your problem, and Uni-Tech Pest Control has been protecting residents since 1988. We begin by looking around your exterior to find entry points before discussing your interior issues. Our Total Pest Protection plan includes using products inside and outside your home to handle common intruders.

Our monthly and bimonthly recurring plans enable us to recheck your home for vulnerable conditions and treat any problems. Call us to protect your El Mirage house from pests.

Commercial Pest Control In El Mirage

Pests are a concern for businesses because commercial buildings are vulnerable to infestations. Commercial structures are attractive to animals because they provide space to hide and are often empty after dark. As a result, pests can wander undisturbed, causing damage and spreading illnesses.

Uni-Tech Pest Control protects businesses by offering expert commercial pest control in El Mirage, AZ. We provide regular service for various types of businesses, so we know the vulnerabilities in your building. Our technicians can treat your interior to remove pests and your exterior to keep others from invading.

Prevention is the most effective pest control, and our monthly recurring plans provide year-round protection. Contact us to keep pests from causing problems in your El Mirage business.

Bees: Great For The Ecosystem, Bad For Your Safety In El Mirage

Bees are some of the scariest creatures around El Mirage homes. They build nests in multiple places around residences, including under eaves. Despite the fear people have of these pests, they're essential for the ecosystem. They pollinate plants, something the vast majority of plant species require. As a result, they also provide food for people.

Regardless of how they benefit the ecosystem, most people fear bees. These feelings aren't unfounded because many species produce troubling stings or cause damage to homes. Some of the ways bees impact your safety include:

  • Impact stability of wooden structures

  • Build nests around homes

  • Cause allergic reactions

  • Stings can cause pain and swelling

As you can see, these insects are dangerous to approach without the proper equipment. Our technicians at Uni-Tech Pest Control have experience dealing with numerous species, and we use the best safety equipment to remove those presenting health risks. These pests are most common during spring and summer, so our services are available during these months.

Bees can be dangerous insects on your property, producing painful stings. We use the best tools and techniques to remove them. Let us know if you need professional bee removal in El Mirage.

Why Professional Removal Is The Best Strategy For Rodents In El Mirage

Rodents are troubling animals to find on your property. Mice, rats, and gophers are the most common species in El Mirage, digging holes in your yard or breaking into your home. If they find entry into your house, they'll dig into your insulation for warmth and gnaw on electrical wires to file their teeth. Either way, they can cause extensive damage.

These pests begin causing problems shortly after arriving, so it's best to get rid of them quickly. However, approaching them can be dangerous because they're defensive and can spread illnesses in multiple ways. Some of the ways these pests can make people sick include:

  • Breathing contaminated air

  • Touching infected materials

  • Bites

  • Scratches

  • Eating contaminated food

Rather than risking your health, call Uni-Tech Pest Control for professional rodent control in El Mirage. Our technicians will implement a one-week trapping program using snap traps and trapping boxes. We also offer recurring services to reinspect your house for intruders and attractants.

Rodents can cause damage and spread illnesses when they invade homes, but our technicians have the skills to prevent these problems. Give us a call if rodents are on your El Mirage property.

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