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Scottsdale may be a thriving tourist destination, but living and working here is even better. Instead of only getting to experience what Scottsdale has to offer for a few days at a time, the local population gets to enjoy it 365 days a year. Whether you love golf, enjoy exploring art museums, or like to spend time being pampered, Scottsdale is the perfect place to do it all.

Our summers may get hot, but the relatively low humidity and the marvels of modern air conditioning make them bearable. Add in our mild winters, and it’s easy to see why our desert city is the ideal place to call home. Our climate lends itself to some unique pest problems not seen in other parts of the country, but we have our share of common pests too. Keeping your Scottsdale home or business free of pests is simple with Maricopa County pest control from Uni-Tech Pest Control. We have dedicated years to developing pest control plans that protect your home or business from Scottsdale’s common and unique pests.

Residential Pest Control In Scottsdale

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You enjoy spending time in your house, but if pests get inside, that’s likely to change. No one wants to share their space with biting, damaging, disease-spreading, or nuisance pests, but getting rid of them can be difficult and frustrating. Instead of letting pests steal your peace of mind, you can protect your home from pests with Uni-Tech Pest Control. 

Uni-Tech Pest Control has provided residential pest control services to Scottsdale since 1988. Our goal is always to provide exceptional service and results, which means we do things the right way, not necessarily the easy way. For home pest control you can trust, you need Uni-Tech Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Scottsdale

Running a business in Scottsdale provides a tremendous opportunity for success, but every opportunity also comes with its fair share of risk. Doing everything in your power to minimize those risks is essential. No matter what industry you’re in, your business is at risk of a pest infestation. Once pests enter your commercial facility, they can damage your property, sicken your employees or customers, harm your image, and cost you money.

Whether you already have pests in your facility or not, now is the time to enact a pest control plan for your Scottsdale business. Uni-Tech Pest Control offers quality commercial pest control to all of Scottsdale. We’ll solve your pest problems and set your business up with a preventative pest management system that adjusts to each changing season to deliver year-round protection.

Three Easy Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Scottsdale Property

Living in Scottsdale may be mostly wonderful, but it’s not without issues. One of those issues is the presence of scorpions. Most other areas of the United States don’t have to deal with these pests, but when you live in Arizona, scorpions come with the territory. It is essential to know how to keep them away from your Scottsdale property if you want to protect your family from their stings. Here are three easy ways to keep scorpions away from your Scottsdale property.

  1. Eliminate harborage areas. Scorpions will come close to your house if there are places where they can hide. This requires you to remove wood piles, debris from your lawn, and trash. You should also get rid of rocks and stones around your house where scorpions like to hide.
  2. Seal openings. If scorpions get close to your house, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way inside. To prevent this from happening, you must seal any opening they could exploit to get inside. This includes cracks and crevices, gaps around your windows and doors, holes in your siding, and any other area big enough for a scorpion to squeeze through.
  3. Get scorpion control treatments. Don’t take any chances if you’ve found scorpions around your property. Contact Uni-Tech Pest Control for a scorpion control treatment. We will eliminate active scorpions and prevent new ones from getting on your property.

Protecting your home from scorpions is essential, and it’s possible if you follow our tips. 

Ants In The Winter Spells Big Trouble For Your Scottsdale Home

Although Scottsdale winters are mild, they get cool enough for pests to seek shelter in climate-controlled buildings. Ants often move indoors when winter is imminent. If they choose your home to overwinter, you can be in trouble. Most ants are simply a nuisance, but others are problematic or downright dangerous. Carpenter ants damage your house by chewing through wooden structures. Fire ants swarm when threatened, covering their victims in painful and sometimes dangerous stings. Even nuisance ants aren’t entirely harmless because they can spread bacteria and contaminate your food.

Getting rid of an ant infestation in your Scottsdale home isn’t always easy. You need to know what ants are in your house, where they’re spending time, and what treatments are most effective against them. Uni-Tech Pest Control can do all of these things. Our home pest control for ants is designed to meet your home’s specific ant control needs so that your infestation is fully eliminated and your home is protected from future issues.

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