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If you live in Surprise, Arizona, it is no surprise that you have to deal with pests. The weather in our area allows pests to be active all year long. If you hope to prevent pest problems, you need to know what conditions attract pests and the simple methods that can be used to deter pests. Join us as we look at some simple tricks that deter common pests and share how Maricopa County pest control can help you manage pests and prevent pest problems in Surprise. 

Residential Pest Control In Surprise

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You can get layers of protection around your home by applying general maintenance to deter pests. Here are a few examples:

  • When you remove spider webs, you deter spiders from making webs and you have the potential to significantly reduce spider populations. Some webs have egg sacs and some egg sacs can have 300 eggs in them.
  • When you rake leaves and remove sticks, you reduce moisture and habitat options that attract pests.
  • When you clean trash receptacles with a disinfectant, you remove odors that attract pests from a distance.
  • When you use a caulking gun to seal gaps and cracks, you create a physical barrier that helps to keep pests out.
  • When you address lawn and landscaping weed problems, you remove two desirable foods that attract pests: nectar and plant sap.

It is a lot of work to address attractants and create a barrier to keep pests out. Our residential pest control technicians help with some pest maintenance tasks and also provide protection in areas where vulnerabilities exist.

  • We offer web removal.
  • We apply liquid application to your exterior and in key locations such as at the base of trash receptacles. These treatments deter pest activity and keep pests away.
  • We can apply exclusions for you and our technicians know what products to use and what locations to focus on.
  • We apply granular products to reduce pests. These applications are particularly helpful for yards that have lots of flowery weeds or some other pest food source.

Every yard, exterior, and interior has vulnerabilities. We help you to understand the pest pressures and conducive conditions on your property and provide services that give you the protection you need.

Commercial Pest Control In Surprise

It can be a serious challenge maintaining a commercial environment that is resistant to pests. There are many ways you and your employees can apply pest maintenance to deter pests. All of the examples given above may apply. Here are a few more to consider.

  • Many pests are attracted to unsanitary conditions. Everything you do to keep your business clean on the inside and outside will have an impact on potential pest problems.
  • Clutter is attractive to many pests. When you work hard to keep piles from forming, your effort will be rewarded.
  • When you go in and out, pests can fly right in. You may reduce problems with flies simply by moving trash receptacles or dumpsters away from exterior doors.

We help you and your employees understand the conditions that may inspire pest problems. We also offer many commercial pest control services to help you proactively keep pests out, even when you have vulnerabilities. We apply dusts, liquids, and granular products in key areas to stop pests from getting inside.  

The Trick To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Surprise Property

Scorpions are attracted to moist habitats, shaded hiding places, water sources, and organic clutter. Here are a few specific ways these attractants may be created.

  • Dense vegetation in your landscaping will trap moisture and create shaded hiding places.
  • Leaves offer a moist habitat underneath.
  • Yard clutter offers many shaded hiding places. Scorpions are particularly attracted to rocks, scrap wood, and other organic debris.
  • A clogged gutter will increase perimeter saturation and high humidity.
  • A leaky air conditioning unit can create dampness on the ground.  

Do you see how it works? At Uni-Tech Pest Control, we evaluate the conditions on your property and provide comprehensive services to keep scorpions out. We understand how difficult it is to keep on top of yard maintenance issues that lead to scorpion problems. For this reason, we offer extensive exclusion work that includes sealing of entry points with a variety of products.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Cockroaches In My Surprise House?

When considering the natural conditions that attract cockroaches, it becomes quickly apparent that these insects are attracted to unsanitary things and expose themselves to harmful microorganisms. Cockroaches are drawn to dirty trash receptacles, piles of cardboard, compost, dead animals, dog droppings, and more. If you keep things clean, not only will you reduce cockroach activity and work to prevent an infestation, you will remove the unsanitary conditions that can make roaches a danger to your health.

If you're in Surprise, AZ, you're in our service area. Reach out to us here at Uni-Tech Pest Control for industry-leading cockroach control. We know the Arizona pests you're dealing with and we provide effective solutions to help you protect your health and property. 

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